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Big Love Begins Within

February 19, 2015 1 Comment

Today marks the beginning of the lunar new year in Chinese Astrology. It is the year of the Wood Sheep. This is a very auspicious, feminine sign that embraces beauty, nature and spirituality. The Sheep is a very refined creature, appreciating creative expression in all forms. The spirit of this year encourages us to go with the flow of our creativity and imagination, with focus on our true nature for the most positive growth. Spirit loves beauty.

As I meditate on what the year has in store, I am gently reminded that my greatest creative expression comes from a place of stillness, centeredness and solitude. My self-care ritual is a precious gift, and one that I often neglect when life becomes too busy. But, when I give less to myself, I have less of myself to give to others. This is the greatest irony of love. We first must love ourselves wholeheartedly before we can truly share love with the world.

I created I Am Love as a reminder to embrace ritual. Whatever ritual brings you closer to your true nature and gives you a sense of peace and gratitude is a ritual of love. Self love comes first; the love you show others springs forth from an open and accepting heart.


What is your daily or weekly ritual of self love?



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February 19, 2015

Every week on Sunday, I give myself a few hours to prepare myself mentally, emotionally and spiritually for the week ahead. This includes planning my schedule, meditating and taking a long bath with essential oils. This is “me time” that helps me get clear on my priorities and what I want to accomplish, and who I want to “be”. Of course, I light an I Am Free candle – my favorite scent – to inspire me. :) Thank you for your beautiful products.

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