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Be The Light

March 05, 2015

Words are the most powerful tool we have. Words have started wars. Words have healed broken hearts. Words can create chasms and bridges. Words change lives.

Mahatma Gandhi famously said “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Change begins with a silent intention. We get to choose who we want to be, how we want to act and what we want to be a cause for, every moment of every day. When we set a clear intention, we can then make a declaration - a statement of being.

Every morning, I practice the ritual of declaration. I light a candle for my meditation, and end with my daily declaration. Somedays, when I am centered and clear, the declaration is powerful and simple. For instance, it may be “I am Love” or “I am Grateful.” Other days, I struggle for clarity, but I always arrive at a clear, honest statement. For instance, “I am present with what is.” These personal declarations follow me throughout my day like a wings on my back. They lift me up and let me soar. And when my feathers get a little ruffled, all I have to do is recall it, even say it out loud, and then carry on. Words are power.

March is one of my favorite months in the year. The month ushers in Daylight Savings. Snow begins to thaw. The sunshine lingers a little longer each day. We soften into spring. I’m inspired by these rhythms in nature and built a ritual around it called The Lightbox. It’s a simple invitation to set your declaration, and it can be practiced every day. First, light a candle. Then, take your time and really enjoy your morning bath or shower with your favorite I Am Body Wash. Finish your ritual with the Hand & Body Lotion. As you’re doing this morning routine, think about how you’d like to show up for your day. Then, state your declaration out loud. “I am (fill in the blank)”. Over the course of days or weeks, you’ll notice small shifts, until eventually you become the change you’re seeking.

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