What's Naked?


What does it mean to be Naked? It’s not just about baring flesh. It’s about embracing the raw vulnerability of being YOU.

When we expose our true selves to the world, we are emotionally naked. We surrender. We have nothing to hide. There is tremendous freedom in this act…but first we must walk through the fear.

In my life experience, the fear has always precipitated courage. Who needs courage and bravery if there is no fear? Fear has now become my sign post that I must muster up courage to take risks and move in the direction of my dreams. Something truly life changing is waiting on the other side - a version of my life that is more authentic, honest and real. This is the inspiration behind Naked. I wanted to create a fragrance that would remind the wearer that raw vulnerability is the most beautiful, delicate and natural thing in the world.

I Am Naked smells like a spring morning. A little musky and earthy at the start, followed by a long-lasting floral blossoming. It is simply natural and distinctly familiar, just like being naked should feel.

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