Remember Who You Are

Fragrance is powerful. It creates memorable associations. It can bring you to a specific moment, person, or place. It can transform your state of mind. I Am pairs the ritual of perfume with mantras as a simple but powerful daily reminder of who you are; a radiant, loving light.

A State Of Mind

We want our customers to feel amazing in their skin, and we believe scent has an important role to play, in our daily lives. By pairing a fragrance with a statement that brings you hope, peace, or joy, we aim to uplift your state of mind and remind you to connect with your most authentic self.

We’ve always understood fragrance is more than just perfume. It's a meaningful form of self expression that is layered, unique, ever changing and transformative. I Am Fragrance is about declaring, celebrating and exploring who you are.


I created I Am Fragrance as personal prayer-fumes to inspire, empower, and uplift.

I've curated and refined custom fragrances for over 25 years. Pairing perfume with soul enriching mantras is what I AM Fragrance is about. The concept is to use perfume as a reminder, like a fragrant little friend whispering on a waft of scent, leading me back to the truth of who I AM.   As humans, we time travel in our minds. We worry about the future and often slip back into the shadows of the past.  While we are future and past tripping, we miss out on the awesomeness of life.
We just need to stop and smell perfume more often!  

Thank you for being here. 
Danica Siegel