Who Are You Wearing?


In case you missed award season this year, a certain hashtag is trending in Hollywood - #AskHerMore - a campaign started by The Representation Project and Amy Pohler’s Smart Girls to encourage reporters to focus on more than just actresses dresses. While “Who are you wearing?” provides a wonderful opportunity to highlight the work of incredible fashion designers, it also minimizes the talent, passion and hard work of working actresses who have risen to the highest ranks in their industry, which is no easy feat in Hollywood. This is a movement. We are entering an era of empowerment when women everywhere are finding their voice to speak out against injustice and speak up about the issues that matter most to them.

Tapping into our personal truth and finding the courage to speak, act and live in accordance with our most authentic selves takes guts and perseverance. It’s not a single decision, it’s a daily intention. And there’s power in this practice. I Am Fragrance was created to inspire a daily ritual of intention setting, using the simplicity of scent and the power of memory. What we claim, we become.

I Am is not about thinking of yourself more, its about thinking more of yourself.

We’ve recently launched our Fragrance Wardrobe, a trial set of 11 fragrances. We want to make it easy to fall in love with our scents and discover your new signature fragrance. But most importantly, we hope our fragrances inspire you to create a personal ritual of intention setting. So when people ask you, “Who are you wearing?”, it will be the most empowering question to answer.

Want to be inspired by Hollywood? Watch here:


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