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I am about

I am Fragrance was born in the fall of 1992, Guerneville, California.  After dinner with friends, we sat around the table discussing the meaning of beauty.  We agreed that the beauty of nature is paramount, but when it comes to human beings, inner beauty is what really mattered.

The concept is to use perfume as a reminder, like a fragrant little friend whispering the truth on a waft of scent, guiding and leading my mind back to the truth of who I am.  I am perfumes bring me back to the present moment or remind me of my highest self.  As humans, we time travel in our minds.  We worry about the future (fear), we regret the past (worry), and while we are future and past tripping we miss out on life.  We just need to stop and smell perfume more often!  Pairing perfume with soul enriching mantras is what I am fragrance is about.

Like music, scent stirs the soul.  We feel it in our bones, viscerally, emotionally, and spiritually.  The sense of smell transcends our other senses.  It bypasses the cognitive mind and dives straight into the limbic system of the brain.  The subconscious mind, our most primal driving force is triggered by sense smell.  So our thoughts become our actions and our actions become habit and habit creates our character. 

Inner beauty is about peace of mind, connecting, caring and sharing, gathering with others in love.  The oldest lady in the room is the one I want to sit by.  The old man sitting in the corner should not be lonely.   We as a culture need to remember what is truly important in life.  True beauty is natural.  As I am of nature, I am truly, and naturally, beautiful.  And so are you!

Remember who you are.