How I do love this perfume! Just ordered more because I am running out and I simply can’t have that!

You best NEVER stop making this because then I will truly be NAKED!

I swathed myself from head to toe in “I AM NAKED” this morning and left feeling like a movie star. How I love this scent ... you are wonderful and fabulous for creating it for me!” —Carleen Kemmering

I go NAKED everyday!!!!!” —Lori Ann Graf

Where would I be without I AM PEACE. People stop me in the street and ask me what perfume I am wearing! It’s powerful stuff. —Arlene Winnick

I just stayed overnight at the Four Seasons in Georgetown. I sprayed the tester of I AM PEACE on my wrist. I was surrounded by the amazing fragrance and, of course, proceeded to buy a bottle of it upon my departure.

I believe I am addicted for life. I love your philosophy about the power of fragrance to transform us. I woke up this morning, and couldn't deny that I do, indeed, feel transformed. Please keep up the great magical work and thanks for creating the line. I’m glad to have found it and to be a customer. —Donna Cargas, Alexandria, VA

I bought your I AM NAKED perfume in Toronto, Canada back in March and I must tell you I absolutely LOVE it. It has become my signature scent and I am constantly told how good I smell (especially by my new boyfriend).

I wanted to drop you a line to say I Love your I AM NAUGHTY Fragrance. My Daughter bought me my First Bottle a Year Ago for Mother’s Day. Then Again for my Birthday last year October. I’ve Been Hooked on it every since. Recently I Went to your Web site and Purchased another Bottle for Myself. Then a Few Days Later I Purchased a Bottle for my Son’s Girlfriend for her Birthday and a Bottle for a Friend of Mine in Colorado for her Birthday too. These Last two orders haven’t Arrived yet But I Know they’re Coming Soon:)

Your I AM NAKED perfume is wonderful! I have such a difficult time finding quality perfumes that don’t contain such high quantities of alcohol that I smell like I’m wearing Scotch and your products are the only thing that works! I’ve just ordered a re-fill online and will be eagerly checking my mailbox every day until it arrives. I’m currently using I AM LOVE and it’s fabulous as well. I look forward to seeing you in more stores...keep up the great work! —Lauren Thompson

In My last order I received 5 Samples. I Had Never Smelled any of your other Fragrances before. Wow!! I got NAKED (my second Favorite), MAGIC (my Daughter Liked), NAUGHTY (Good), ME and BLESSED (Both Fresh Scents). I Went into Sephora to Smell the Others and was Shocked they Didn’t Carry your line. Too Bad for them.. Because your Fragrances are Bossome (As My Kids Would Say). Absolutely the Best!!

Thanks for Sharing your Wonderful Fragrances.. I Also Love All the Titles too. They Perfectly Match Each Scent. The Perfect Gift for all the Women in my Life. —Andree’ Smith

OMG! I received everything today. Thank you soooooo much for all of the testers! I love love love every fragrance I’ve tested... Instead of making future purchases easier by limiting my choices I will be apparently purchasing a few at a time to complete a COLLECTION because I want them all!!! Some are even better with my body chemistry than the two full-size perfumes I already ordered! I’m so glad I found your online store since I never would have been able to try the other fragrances. Thanks again! I’ll purchase a few more next month!

I AM is the embodiment of Aroma-Chology. —Annette Green, Founder The Fragrance Foundation, NY

I thought I’d never replace Opium as my signature scent, but after my massage at Sutera Spa in Flower Mound, TX, I think I may have done it with I AM NAKED! I’ve been in a daze!

I should be buying stock in your company.

Can’t believe that my perfume arrived today...and thank you for the MORE than generous “sample” of I am Balance as well as the sample of I AM NAUGHTY (is that a hint that I should try to be?). At the moment I have Balance on the left (wrist) and Energy on the right (need both the survive the holiday preparations!). Will be interesting to see if my husband has a preference. I just wanted to drop a quick note telling you how much I love your products, especially I AM ME I am in love with it!! Thanks for brightening my day with a simple pleasure!! —Jessie Kexel

I love you, but maybe not as much as my NAKED. Actually, I love you as much because you created the scent that I adore & brings so many ohs & ahs from people.

“Oh, you smell divine! What are you wearing!” Thank you for your incredible talent AND, thank you for the body butter!

Keep up the GREAT work!

Just received my I AM LOVE perfume that I have loved for years and wanted to say thanks! I was so overwhelmed by the fragrance that I have made a promise to myself to purchase it more often! I hope that the I AM fragrance is always available to me! —Kimberly Nelson

I discovered your I am fragrances during business travel December of last year. I love the creative power behind the words "I AM” And I do feel rich and love the way the fragrance carries the message on the box into my day, energizing me with abundance.

Congratulations on creating a beautiful gift of fragrance and so much more! —Amy Burnet